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our  journey

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We are an acoustic group based in the wooded suburbs of Boston. Our musical roots are in the folk/rock/blues/pop genres. Recently, we have been adding a touch of bluegrass and hope to bring in some new instruments such as violin, banjo, and mandolin. We have a variety of originals and are always experimenting with new sounds and combinations. 


We are known for our unique and melodic harmonies, upbeat groove, and original leads. 


The band is currently made up of Peter Banker (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Wendy Saydah (backup vocals, lead guitar) and Andy Bollman (electric bass).


We play locally at bars, restaurants, fairs, farmer’s markets, and festivals as well as a variety of private events.


We are in the midst of planning and recording a compilation of new songs to be released this winter (2021).


Thanks for joining us in this musical journey.


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